Watashi no Shite Kurenai Pheromone Kareshi (2022)

Watashi no Shite Kurenai Pheromone Kareshi (2022)

Other name: 私のシてくれないフェロモン彼氏 わたしのシてくれないフェロモンかれし Watashi no Shite Kurenai Feromon Kareshi My Pheromone Boyfriend Who Won't Give Me My Pheromone Boyfriend Who Won’t Give Me


Mizukawa Rei is a 30-year-old single woman. She quits working for a real estate company and opens Art no Subscription Company with her friend. She has busy days working for her new company. One day, she visits a coworking space and meets 25-year-old freelance photographer Arima Shuto. They have have a good feelings for each other and decide to go out with each other.

Arima Shuto soon becomes the best boyfriend Mizukawa Rei has ever had. He directly expresses his affection to her and suggests many fun things to do together. One thing that Mizukawa Rei doesn’t understand is that Arima Shuto has not tried to kiss her or become intimate. Arima Shuto tells her that there are more fun things to do with a loved one than becoming intimate.

Mizukawa Rei is in a state of confusion.

Original Network: TBS;

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2022

Genre: Miniseries; Romance;

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