Wake Up Ladies 2: Very Complicated (2020)

Wake Up Ladies 2: Very Complicated (2020)

Other name: Wake Up Ladies 2 , Wake Up Chanee 2 , Wake Up ชะนี 2, Wake Up ชะนี Very Complicated


The ladies return, all at new stages in their lives that will be more complicated than ever! Tata not only has to get used to the role of being a young mother of twins, her husband Ryu, has been causing her headaches by frequently disappearing leaving her to cope on her own. What could he be hiding? Tata is also helping her neighbour Lookmai, who has been using her house as her own, so that young men who visit won’t learn her actual address. Jane has decided to start a relationship with Saifah, her handsome and young former assistant who has recently become a Youtuber. Seems like age isn't Jane's only obstacle, but also Lin, another legendary Youtuber, that seems all too ready to impose herself between her and Saifah. Kluay is planning a marriage with Ton, her good boyfriend who works like crazy. She's set a new goal: a life without a dark side and without sex until the wedding day. But a beautiful woman like Kluay can't stand it and has to sneak into nightly parties. Aei has begun to take care of herself with the help of Miriam, a personal trainer who volunteered to take care of both her body and heart. Aei also has to prepare for a new job, which will include fighting with her stingy supervisor Kwan, who has one complicated background. Dr. Nat, the group’s life advisor, continues to develop his relationship with his current partner, Boy.

Country: Thailand

Status: Completed

Released: 2020

Genre: Comedy; Drama; Friendship; Romance;

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