Wakaba no Koro (1996)

Wakaba no Koro (1996)

Other name: 若葉のころ Days of Youth About the Young Generation


Two teenage boys from starkly different backgrounds find themselves joined in a common search to discover how to do the right thing and find happiness in life. One boy, whose father is an alcoholic, works hard to care for his younger brother and sister, while the other enjoys the privileges of a wealthy family, but is starved for his father's love. Their friendship reflects the sadness, pain, and sometimes cruelty that can enter into the relationships between fathers and sons in today's society.

Original Network: TBS;

Director: Yoshida Ken [吉田健], Matsubara Hiroshi [松原浩], Kato Hirotake [加藤浩丈]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 1996

Genre: Drama; Family; Friendship; life; melodrama; School; Youth;

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