Unintentional Love Story (2023)

Unintentional Love Story (2023)

Other name: 비의도적 연애담 Biuidojeog Yeonaedam


When Ji Won Young's direct superior at work is fired due to a corruption scandal, Won Young - in spite of being innocent of any wrongdoing - finds himself unceremoniously discharged from the company as well. Desperate to get his job back, Won Young tries to curry favor by tracking down the chairman's favorite artist. He finds the missing man running a pottery shop in a remote town, but it's clear that Yoon Tae Joon has no desire to be found. Won Young decides to hang around town and secretly report whatever he can learn about Tae Joon's self-imposed exile; but when feelings begin to develop between the two, Won Young starts to question his sexuality, his motivations, and whether he even wants to go back to his old life in Seoul. But what will happen when Tae Joon learns Won Young has been spying on him this entire time?

Adapted from the webtoon "Biuidojeog Yeonaedam" (비의도적 연애담) by Phobe (피비).

Director: Jang Eui Soon [장의순]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2023

Genre: BL; Comedy; Romance; Web Series;

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