Twilight Online (2014)

Twilight Online (2014)

Other name: 恐怖在線 恐怖在线 Kong Bu Zai Xian Сумерки онлайн


In 2003, after a collision with a truck, a double-decker bus veered off a bridge and plummeted 35 meters into a village below, claiming 21 lives. Ten years later, sightings of a female ghost dressed in red have been reported at the site of the horrific accident. Poon, the host of the radio show "Twilight Online," discovers the identity of the ghost -- a College teacher named Lui. He decides to visit the village to conduct a paranormal investigation. A male teacher and four female students from the school decide to help out, believing that Lui's spirit has returned to resolve unsettled grievances. One evening, the students sense the presence of the ghost and start disappearing one by one. Their bodies are later discovered. They all died from a horrible death. Meanwhile, inspector Gu and his new sidekick Bee have been assigned to investigate the sightings of a female suicide victim.

Country: Hong Kong

Status: Completed

Released: 2014

Genre: Fantasy; Horror; Thriller;

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