Tsuna Hiichatta! (2012)

Tsuna Hiichatta! (2012)

Other name: 綱引いちゃった! つなひいちゃった! 繩氣娘子軍 Tug of War Play at Tug-Of War


Nishikawa Chiaki (Inoue Mao) works at the public relations department for the city of Oita. The city in the past was won the tug-of-war world championship three times and Chiaki is also an enthusiast for the tug-of-war game. To promote the city of Oita, the mayor instructs Chiaki to form a female tug-of-war team.

Director: Mizuta Nobuo [水田伸生]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2012

Genre: Comedy; Drama; Sports;

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