Trident (2020)

Trident (2020)

Other name: 三叉戟 San Cha Ji


Three veteran cops who once dominated the police force have to come up with innovative methods to deal with a new kind of crime.

Known at the trident, Cui Tiejun (Chen Jianbin), Xu Guozhu (Dong Yong) and Pan Honghai (Hao Ping) who have all retreated to the second line of defence suddenly come upon a complex money laundering scheme. They face off with an opponent from 20 years ago and various forces seeking to take advantage.

Crime has found new means of hacking to obtain large sums of money. The trident employs the best weapons at their disposal as they resort to old school sleuthing skills in an attempt to bring down the crime syndicate in one fell swoop.

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2020

Genre: Crime;

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