Trade Your Love (2019)

Trade Your Love (2019)

Other name: 어쩌다 결혼 트레이드 러브 어쩌다, 결혼 私たちの偽装結婚 怎麼就結婚了 Eojjeoda Kyeolhun Trade Love Accidental Marriage Masnachwch Eich Cariad Фильм Продай свою любовь


Seong Suk's family runs an airline. If he wants to inherit the company, he needs to get married. Hae Joo is constantly pressured by her mother and 3 older brothers to get married, but she wants to live her life on her terms.

Seong Suk and Hae Joo meet on a blind date. To get what they want, they decide to enter into a contract marriage. They will pretend they are a married couple for 3 years. During their wedding preparations, they face unexpected difficulties.

Director: Park Ho Chan [박호찬] and Park Soo Jin [박수진]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2020

Genre: Comedy; Friendship; Romance;

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