Tomorrow Boy

Tomorrow Boy

Other name: 투모로우 보이 Tumorou Boi


Ahn Tae-pyeong (N) is the eldest among four orphaned siblings living with their grandmother (Moon Hyung-joo). He is a high school student but takes up part-time jobs and also sells ddeokbokki in order to clear his dead father's debts and to take care of his younger siblings and grandmother. During a robbery at a burger shop, he saves Ah-ra (Kang Min-ah) from being taken hostage. Since then Ah-ra, a rich girl from another school, has taken a liking for Tae-pyeong. She would follow him whenever possible, would try to get his attention, and also try to impress him. The drama ends with Ah-ra trying to find out who is the guy whom Sin-young (Moon Ji-in), the credit union boss of Tae-pyeong, is interested during Tae-pyeong's birthday celebration at his house.

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2016

Genre: life; Romance; Youth;

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