To Our Ten Years (2024)

To Our Ten Years (2024)

Other name: 十年一品温如言 十年一品溫如言 Shi Nian Yi Pin Wen Ru Yan Shi Nian Yipin Wen Ru Yan Ten Years One Product is Warm as Words


Wen Heng was raised in a foreign land since young. When she knew of her real identity at 17, she was taken aback by her identity as the heir of a wealthy family. Adjusting to her foreign surroundings, she meets Yan Xi, an arrogant and bright young man. The two begin to develop a close relationship and cherish each other greatly. Yan Xi, who wanted to follow Wen Heng's footsteps, decisively gives up the overseas studies route planned for him by Lu Liu, his childhood friend. However, just when Yan Xi and Wen Heng were looking forward to their future together, a series of incidents happen and Yan Xi was diagnosed to have cancer. He was sent to America for treatment and was separated from Wen Heng. Four years later, they meet again and the love they have for each other finally was revealed. Meanwhile, Lu Li hides in the darkness, planning a sinister scheme that embroils the four great families and their descendants.

Under the lead of Wen Heng and Yan Xi, the young heirs work together to overcome the hurdles, reaffirming their relationship and friendship in the process.

Loosely adapted from "Shi Nian Yi Pin Wen Ru Yan " by Shu Hai Cang Sheng.

Director: Song Yang [宋洋] and Zhu Shao Jie [朱少杰]

Country: Chinese

Status: Upcoming

Released: 2024

Genre: Drama; Friendship; life; melodrama; Novel; Romance; Youth;

Airs: Dec 31, 2024

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