To Be Killed by a High School Girl (2022)

To Be Killed by a High School Girl (2022)

Other name: 女子高生に殺されたい じょしこうせいにころされたい Joshikosei ni Korosaretai Joshikousei ni Korosaretai I Want to Be Killed by a High School Girl


Higashiyama Haruto is a 34-year-old Japanese history teacher who combines good looks with an honest and friendly personality.

When he has been assigned to Nitaka High School, a school for advanced students, Haruto immediately attracts the attention of his female students.

But he has a secret that he cannot tell anyone; he wants to be killed by a beautiful high school girl.

Obsessed with such a bizarre desire, Haruto approaches four beautiful girls of different types, Maho, Aoi, Kyoko, and Aika, according to the perfect crime scenario he has devised.

Who among the four is the high school girl that Haruto has been longing to be killed by for nine years?

Eventually, on November 8th, the day of the school festival when the class play is to be performed, the curtain opens on a forbidden stage where Haruto's entire life is at stake...

Adapted from the manga “Joshikosei ni Korosaretai” (女子高生に殺されたい) by Furuya Usamaru (古屋兎丸).

Director: Jojo Hideo [城定秀夫]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2022

Genre: Drama; Manga; Psychological; School;

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