To be a Brave One (2022)

To be a Brave One (2022)

Other name: 致勇敢的你 Zhi Yong Gan De Ni To the Brave You


Ou Shinan, the CEO of Hao Wu Organization, is a young and capable career woman. She has an enviable career and family life. However an accident leaves her in a coma for two years, and she wakes up to her lover's betrayal. Picking herself up from her loss, she decides to focus on work in order to appease the sadness and hurt she felt. She meets Lu Yuanzhou, a young man who agrees with her business ideas and development plans. Hence, they decide to work together and start a business. They also develop feelings for each other over time.

Original Network: Youku;

Director: Su Hao Qi [苏浩旗]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2022

Genre: Betrayal; Business; Coma; Drama; Romance; Web Series;

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