Tiger Robbers (2021)

Tiger Robbers (2021)

Other name: 阳光劫匪 陽光劫匪 阳光不是劫匪 陽光不是劫匪 親愛的老虎 亲爱的老虎 Yang Guang Bu Shi Jie Fei Yang Guang Jie Fei Sunshine Robbers A Cheerful Gang Turns the Earth Tiger Blues Тигриные грабители Похитители тигра


It tells the adventure story of four strange youths forming a group of "robbers".

Xiao Xue and her daughter Nana have never been separated before. When Nana goes missing, Xiao Xue commissions Yang Guang's pet recovery service for help in finding her daughter. Yang Guang who carries emotional scars from her childhood agrees to help after being moved by Xiao Xue and learns that Nana is a 5-year-old Bengal tiger. In the process of rescuing Nana, Yang Guang and Xiao Xue come to heal each other's wounds.

Adapted from the novel 'A Cheerful Gang Turns the Earth' by Isaka Kotaro.

Director: Li Yu [李玉]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2021

Genre: Adventure; Comedy; Crime; Drama; Fantasy; Novel; Trauma;

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