Three Color Fantasy - Romance Full of Life

Three Color Fantasy - Romance Full of Life

Other name: 생동성 연애 세가지 색 판타지 – 생동성 연애 Saengdongseong Yeonae Vivid Romance Three Color Fantasy Series: Green Romance Full of Life Three Colors of Fantasies


In Sung is an unemployed college grad trying to become a police officer for the last four years, and he is suddenly dumped by his girlfriend who does not give him any explanation. He then gets fired from his part-time job without any pay and gets kicked out from his tiny room after missing a rent payment. On the brink of despair, In Sung decides to take a job as a drug test volunteer for a pharmaceutical company because the pay is good. The drug is a generic version of a hit drug that had its patent recently expired. But he suffers an unpredicted side effect from the drug that gives him superhuman intelligence and strength. He is suddenly able to accomplish tasks that were nearly impossible for him to achieve before and instantly becomes an attractive man as he can win over any girl he wants…

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2017

Genre: Drama; Fantasy; Romance;

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