The Zen Diary (2022)

The Zen Diary (2022)

Other name: 土を喰らう十二ヵ月 Tsuchi wo Kurau Jyunikagetsu Tsuchi o Kurau Jyunikagetsu Twelve Months to Eat Soil


Writer Tsutomu lives alone at a mountain cabin in Nagano. He collects fruits and mushrooms from the mountain. He also raises vegetables in a field. Everyday, he cooks his meals with these natural ingredients. Doing that, he can feel the flow of the seasons and he writes his book. Sometimes, his editor/girlfriend Machiko visits him. They cook with seasonal ingredients and eat together. They have a good time together. Tsutomu seems to be enjoying an easygoing life, but he is still unable to bury his dead wife’s ashes in a grave. His wife died 13 years ago.

Adapted from the essay "Tsuchi wo Kurau Hibi " by Mizukami Tsutomu.

Director: Nakae Yuji [中江裕司]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2022

Genre: Drama;

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