The Witch Store Reopening (2022)

The Witch Store Reopening (2022)

Other name: 마녀상점 리오픈 Manyeosangjeom Riopeun Witch Shop Reopening The Witch Store Reopen The Witch Shop Reopen


The web drama 'The Witch Shop Reopening' is the story of Ji-ho, a timid and helpless high school boy without a dream, who struggles to save the shop by meeting the black witch Hae-na, the owner of a witch shop that is on the verge of closing. It is a teen romance comedy genre, and it is planned to draw a teenager who changes and grows through friendship and love.

Original Network: vLive;

Director: Jeong Seong Bin [정성빈]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2022

Genre: Comedy; Fantasy; Miniseries; Romance; Web Series; Witch; Youth;

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