The Way We Keep Dancing (2021)

The Way We Keep Dancing (2021)

Other name: 狂舞派3 Kuang Wu Pai 3 Как мы продолжаем танцевать Школа безумных танцев 3


The Dragon City Industrial Zone was originally an industrial area. Over the past two decades, creative artists from different categories have moved in because of reachable rental rates. This group of people is called KIDA (Kowloon Industrial District Artists). They have emerged in the show business circle, floating and sinking; they all use Dragon City as their base and are happy to work hard in it. However, in recent years, the rents of industrial buildings have increased sharply, and various frequent and severe inspections have occurred. In fact, behind the scenes, it is the real estate developers who want to transform Dragon City into a business district. One day, they received a job invitation to inject elements of street dance, music, graffiti and other elements into Dragon City "Optimization Plan"-"Fantastic Dance." street". Everyone with a discerning eye knows that this is a project for the real estate predators. Just as everyone was hesitating whether to accept this job, Ah Leung suggested that this opportunity should be used to make more people know, appreciate and support KIDA, and fight for the client, and strive for reasonable treatment for everyone. At the same time, Heyo's master A Fat is planning an opposing action...

Director: Adam Wong [黃修平]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2021

Genre: Conspiracy; Drama; Musical;

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