The Two Musashis (1960)

The Two Musashis (1960)

Other name: Futari No Musashi


During the reign of Shogun Hidetada, both Hirate Musashi (Kazuo Hasegawa) and Okamoto Musashi (Raizo Ichikawa) strive to become the finest swordsman in the land by defeating the Yagyu clan's top instructors and then taking on Sasaki Kojiro (Shintaro Katsu)! Three of Daiei’s top sword stars combine to create this exciting alternative version of the Musashi legend. Superstar Hasegawa Kazuo leads the cast as Hirate Musashi while a young Ichikawa Raizo competes with him as Okamoto Musashi. They must not only contend with the Yoshioka and Yagyu fencing schools, but have to take on Katsu Shintaro as Sasaki Kojiro, and deal with the women who pursue them for love. Unlike the Yoshikawa Eiji novel which is not historically accurate, this film offers a new view of Japan’s greatest hero!

Director: Kunio Watanabe

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 1960

Genre: Action; Drama; Jidai Geki;

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