The Truth Beneath

The Truth Beneath

Other name: 비밀은 없다 행복이 가득한 집 Bimileun Eobda Haengboki Gadeukhan Jib There Is No Secret House Full of Happiness Home Sweet Home


After an extremely close national assembly race, Jong Chan wins the nomination of his party. He and his wife Yeon Hong are fully committed to the campaign and when their teenager daughter Min Jin goes missing, Jong Chan convinces Yeon Hong not to notify the authorities fearing negative publicity. With the election imminent, Yeon Hong decides to look for her daughter, but instead uncovers a twisted series of conspiracy, secrets, and lies surrounding Min Jin’s disappearance.

Director: Lee Kyeong Mi [이경미]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2016

Genre: Kidnapping; Lesbian; Murder; political; Thriller;

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