The Truth (2020)

The Truth (2020)

Other name: 凶案现场 兇案現場 看不清的真相 Kan Bu Qing De Zhen Xiang Xiong An Xian Cheng Правда


The continuous pursuit of a murder case of 10 years sheds light on the darkness of human nature and unravels a well-planned revenge.

Feng Lang (Wang Qing) is an intelligent criminal detective. Through multiple cases, he unearths a shocking conspiracy involving a pharmaceutical factory many years ago. Together with young policewoman Fan Yun (Li Xinran) and other investigators, they engage in a battle of wits and will to solve the mystery.

Original Network: iQiyi;

Director: Hu Chu Xi [胡儲璽] and Wang Fang Yun [王方允]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2020

Genre: Detective; Investigation; Murder; Mystery; Novel; Revenge; Suspense; Thriller; Web Series;

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