The Time of Fever (2024)

The Time of Fever (2024)

Other name: 내 손끝에 너의 온도가 닿을 때 비의도적 연애담 스핀오프 Biuidojeok Yeonaedam Seupinopeu No Sonkkeute Neoui Ondoga Daheul Ttae Hereafter at My Fingertips When I Feel Your Warmth When Your Temperature Touches My Fingertips When Your Temperature Reaches the Tips of My Fingers


Ho Tae and Dong Hee have grown up like brothers since childhood. A few years ago, Ho Tae, who had moved to Seoul, returned to Gangneung after his father's funeral. Meanwhile, Dong Hee, who had come out and was kicked out of his home, began living alone in Ho Tae's empty house. Reuniting after a long time, the two start living together under one roof.

Despite their close brotherly bond, Dong Hee can't help but feel excited seeing Ho Tae, his first love, again. Dong Hee tries to suppress his feelings, but it's not easy. Meeting Dong Hee after a long time, Ho Tae also starts experiencing emotions he has never felt before.

In an effort to escape his confusing feelings, Ho Tae starts dating girls recklessly. Witnessing Ho Tae like this hurts Dong Hee, and after an unexpected incident, the delicate relationship between the two starts to gradually shift.


Director: Yang Kyeong Hee [양경희]

Country: Korean

Status: Upcoming

Released: 2024

Genre: BL; Drama; Romance;

Airs: May 15, 2024

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