The Thousand Faces of Feijia (2023)

The Thousand Faces of Feijia (2023)

Other name: 奇门飞甲 奇門飛甲 Fantastic Flying Armor Qimen Flying Armor


Wang Xiaoxia was originally an young man with no goals in life living a simple life in the town. He resided in Shiyin Town with his father, Old Blindman, and his sole desire was to cure his father's eye ailment. By chance, Wang Xiaoxia encountered Shen Lan'er and became unwittingly entangled in a conspiracy. He journeyed to the mysterious Qiyin Sect and ultimately discovered the hidden truth about his own identity that had been kept from him.

Director: Yao Xue

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2023

Genre: Action;

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