The Tasty Florida (2021) (Movie)

The Tasty Florida (2021) (Movie)

Other name: 플로리다반점 (영화)


Hae Won, a freshman college student who is very suspicious of the guesthouse where he lives in. If you follow the guests leading up to the rooftop, you will find Florida Banjeom, a rooftop Chinese restaurant with a full view of Seoul and with four handsome workers. When Hae Won's mind is absorbed from the sound of eating jajangmyeon. Hae Won's heart flutters when he sees Eun Kyu hitting his hand! Crackle~ Tak tak~ Hae Won and Eun Kyu's breathtaking romance begins.

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2021

Genre: BL; Friendship; Romance; Web Series; Youth;

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