The Takatsu River (2019)

The Takatsu River (2019)

Other name: 高津川 たかつがわ Takatsugawa


Manabu runs a ranch on a mountain in Shimane prefecture where he grew up. In his town, there is a dance called 'KAGURA', which is said to be the origin of kabuki. Local teenagers make their debut at the annual festival. The dance is the pride of the local community. His son, Tatsuya, is supposed to make his debut at the festival this year, but he is skipping Kagura practice. Manabu worries that his son will leave the region like many young people do. Meantime, the town decides to close the elementary school that he graduated from because of the decreasing number of children. Population decline due to the outflow of young people to cities is one of the major problems in the region. As a result, not only Kagura, but also the transmission of many traditions and crafts unique to the region, is in a critical state. A story of people who, in the midst of a region where the population drain cannot be stopped, earnestly try to live while preserving the tradition, pure as a clear stream.

Director: Nishikori Yoshinari [錦織良成]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2019

Genre: Drama; Slice of Life;

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