The Story Of The Night Watcher (2022)

The Story Of The Night Watcher (2022)

Other name: 阴阳打更人 陰陽打更人 История ночного сторожа


In the thirteenth year of the Republic of China, there was a watchman in Yancheng named Hu Fan. Watchman is a mysterious and ancient profession. In addition to the work of night watch, it is also responsible for dealing with the evil things that haunt late at night. Recently, homicides and disappearances have occurred frequently in Yancheng, and the police department was helpless, so they went to Hu Fan, who knew magic, to help. Achieving the purpose of surviving...

Director: Chen Wen Yong [陳文勇]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2022

Genre: Drama; Fantasy; Mystery; Supernatural; Thriller;

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