Tale of the Nine-Tailed

Tale of the Nine-Tailed

Other name: 구미호뎐 Gumihodyeon Gumi Ho Gumihodi Tale of Gumiho Chasing the Nine-Tailed Fox Chasing the Nine Tailed Fox The Story of Gumiho Tale of the Nine Tailed The Tale of the Nine-Tailed Fox


The mythical nine-tailed fox, or gumiho, Lee Yeon had to settle in the city many centuries ago. Able to transform into human form, he eradicates supernatural beings that threaten the mortal world. His real aim is to find the reincarnation of his lost first love.

The talented television producer Nam Ji Ah works in a show that features urban myths. In the past, her parents were involved in a mysterious car accident and disappeared, and she suspects that Lee Yeon might be connected with this accident.

The half-brother to Lee Yeon is the captivating Lee Rang. Despite being half-human himself, he harbors a deep-seated contempt for all people. For sport, he will unleash his seductive prowess upon his human-du-jour, by promising to grant them their wishes, only to trick them into paying a hefty price for their earthly desires.

Director: Kang Shin Hyo [강신효]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2020

Genre: Action; Drama; Fantasy; Gumiho; melodrama; Resurrection; Romance; Underworld;

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