The Scent of Plum Blossoms (2024)

The Scent of Plum Blossoms (2024)

Other name: 오얏꽃 향기 오얏꽃향기 Oyaskkochhyanggi The Scent of Plum Flowers Scent of Plum Blossoms Scent of Plum Flowers


It sheds light on the culture of the Joseon Dynasty, which has never been dealt with before and shows everything about them who had high self-esteem in various ways. A story of 'images' that read people's minds, and it is a story of two mothers and two daughters surrounding their direction.

There are things in the world that you have to look closely to see. People who are not exposed but do something, people who do not take the lead and quietly carry out practical work, these are the people who can only be seen if you look closely. During the Joseon Dynasty, "Hyangbang Nines", who touched the king's face and the queen's face, was the closest aide to the royal family and the secret powers of Joseon who knew the most first-class information in the palace. They had the skills to make a bowl for use in the palace, touch their skin, manage their facial expressions and impressions, and even change their appearance. It was the 'hidden hand' of the palace that was so perfectly dressed externally. At their fingertips, the face of the royal family was created. They are the queen makers of Joseon, the "Hyangbang Nines" of the palace.

Hyangbang Nines had great pride. Since the mounds and incense sticks they made were worn by everyone from the king to the princess, they thought that the elegance of the palace was created by their fingertips.

(Source: Korean =

Adapted from the novel "Oyaskkochhyanggi" (오얏꽃향기) by Jung Sook (정숙).

Original Network: MBC;

Director: Son Hyeong Seok [손형석]

Country: Korean

Status: Upcoming

Released: 2024

Genre: Historical; Novel; political;

Airs: Dec 31, 2024

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