The Romantic President

The Romantic President

Other name: 피아노 치는 대통령 Piano Playing President


A gum-popping student wearing a very short uniform and a weird hair-do is looking for 'zzang', the school boss. She turns out to be the new teacher, Choi Eun-soo, who was trying to get a grasp of situation in the classroom. Eun-soo has been sacked from numerous schools due to her eccentricity and too-strong dedication to teaching. She finally meets her match in Yeong-hee, the troublemaker in her class. Unable to deal with Yeong-hee who lives to rebel, Eun-soo finally decides to call her parents.

"The Blue House, how may I help you?"

What?!? The Blue House?!? Then Young-hee lives in the Blue House? Yes, Young-hee turns out to be a First Daughter, who is being raised by Han Min-wook, the popular president with his good looks and integrity. But Eun-soo is not deterred by the title. She summons the President to school, scolds him, and makes him copy down 'Hwangjoga' 100 times in stead of his daughter.

This is the beginning of the battle between Eun-soo and Min-wook, the president and also a parent.

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2002

Genre: Comedy; Romance;

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