The Return of the Sister-in-Law (2021)

The Return of the Sister-in-Law (2021)

Other name: 大嫂归来 大嫂歸來 Da Sao Gui Lai Queen's Return Return of Sister-in-Law Возвращение королевы


In order to avenge her family, innocent girl Qing Cheng was trained to be a cold-blooded killer. After several murders, she decided to let go of her grievances and spend the rest of her peaceful life in Anle Village, where she met the kind Bang and tied the knot. While Qing Cheng lives a dull life hiding her martial skills, Jianghu sinks into another wave of turmoil. In order to maintain the peace of Anle Village, Qing Cheng stepped up again and became the guardian of the village.

Director: Zeng Li [曾黎]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2021

Genre: Action; Crime; Drama;

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