The Rescue (2020)

The Rescue (2020)

Other name: Emergency Rescue , Jin Ji Jiu Yuan , Rescue , Dante Lam’s The Rescue


Their team's ace captain Gao Qianhe works together with his good friend Zhao Cheng and other rescuers to complete the mission of saving lives in the face of a major catastrophe. An overturned drilling platform, a fuel truck swept downstream and a fully loaded passenger plane that has crashed into the sea requires immediate assistance. The team led by Gao Qian, pilot Fang Yuling and Zhao Cheng are always the first to respond to every emergency. Amidst raging fire and water, they repeatedly put their lives on the line to fight against natural and man-made disasters.

Director: Dante Lam

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2020

Genre: Action;

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