The Real Thing (2020)

The Real Thing (2020)

Other name: 本気のしるし《劇場版》 Honki No Shirushi Honki no Shirushi: Gekijoban Honki no Shirushi: Gekijouban Honki no Shirushi: Gekijo-ban A Sign of Seriousness Theatrical Version Serious Sign A Sign of Seriousness: Theatrical Version


Tsuji Kazumichi is a "good man" who has a good reputation for his work. He has casual relations with two women in his workplace; however, he feels kind of bored for dull days without excitement. He has never fallen in love with someone from the bottom of his heart.

One day, he meets a mysterious woman named Ukiyo (means "transitory world") and saves her life, after she was about to die in a railroad crossing because of her car's engine problem. Ukiyo is beautiful, but her off-guard attitude causes lots of problems for other people, including Tsuji. Though he notices her troublesome nature, he unconsciously gets involved with her. Gradually, Tsuji comes to have a dangerous relationship with underworld figures. Even if he loses his usual life style, he is willing to save Ukiyo, but that leads him to an even worse situation.

Originally shown as a 10-episode series on TV in Japan, it was edited into one movie which was released theatrically in Japan and played at some festivals. It will be released as two movies theatrically in French-speaking Europe.

Director: Fukada Koji [深田晃司]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2020

Genre: Cohabitation; Drama; life; Manga; Mystery; Romance; Suspense;

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