The Penalty Zone (2020)

The Penalty Zone (2020)

Other name: 黑白禁区 Hei Bai Jin Qu Hei Bai Jin Ou


A story that follows undercover cop Gan Tianlei who spent 10 years of his life walking a gray area. After waking up from a serious injury, he restarts his life and tries to solve a case by relying on his lost memories.

Gan Tianlei, Yang Xiaolei and Xiong Guoliang used to be the solid trio of the police academy. However, Gan Tianlei was dismissed after he wounded someone in order to help Yang Xiaolei. After leaving the academy, he moves south to make a living and was recruited by Che Lizi of the Caesar Group.

Gan Tianlei encounters undercover police Uncle Hai and due to his influence, Gan Tianlei begins working as an informant for Tai Yongfeng. He eventually receives a special appointment to become a policeman in order to bring down Caesar Group. Before they could succeed, Gan Tianlei gets caught in an explosion and falls into a coma. Eight years later, Gan Tianlei awakes in the hospital with no memories. The case against Caesar Group has been dismissed due to lack of evidence and Gan Tianlei's memory may be the only key.

Director: Jack Zhao [赵浚凯]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2020

Genre: Coma; Crime; Detective; Mystery; police; Web Series;

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