The Next Station is Marriage (2015)

The Next Station is Marriage (2015)

Other name: The Next Marriage, The Next Marriage Station, 下一站婚姻


In 2009, Deng Cao Cao’s three year-old son is kidnapped. Her husband, Guan Hao blames her for being an irresponsible wife and mother and the couple file for divorce. Five year later, she is still struggling to survive on her own while searching for her missing child. She meets Gong Jian, an army veteran-turned-businessman, who helps her find her son and forms a close friendship with the mother-son duo. Cao Cao and Gong Jian start to slowly develop feelings for each other, but things start to get messy when Guan Hao comes back into the picture and Gong Jian’s mother shows up to stir even more trouble. Will a new marriage be able to happen, or will the ties of family and friends be severed forever?

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2015

Genre: Drama; Family; life; melodrama; Romance;

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