The Next Prince (2023)

The Next Prince (2023)

Other name: ข้ามฟ้าเคียงเธอ Kham Fa Khiang Thoe The Next Prince Series


The nation of Emmaly is known for its abundance, both by land and water. Emmaly is ruled by a monarchy and is divided into five regions and leaders. According to royal law, each region must send an heir to compete in order to become a monarch. The winning heir's father becomes the new king of Emmaly.

This story follows the crown prince and heir Khanin of the Atsawathewathin royal family and his royal bodyguard Charan Phithakdheva, whose family has been the Atsawathewathin’s royal guard for decades. Khanin lives far away from Emmaly and he doesn't care about seizing the throne. Charan, as the royal guard, has the duty to bring Khanin back to the country.

Country: Thailand

Status: Upcoming

Released: 2023

Genre: Action; BL; Bodyguard; Drama; Romance;

Airs: Dec 31, 2023

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