The Neighborhood (2014)

The Neighborhood (2014)

Other name: 同里有亲 同里有親 The Neighbourhood


A young woman left behind her sleepy hometown to live a different life away from her father. But when Hua Ge gets hit by a car, his estranged daughter, Zoe, gets the call from the police, forcing her to return to the quiet little town near the foot of the Tai Ping Mountain.

As she takes over her father’s laundry business, Zoe again faces the townspeople from her past, including Grandma Zhang Xiu Zhen, the troublemaker Fang Jun Qi, the hairdresser Chen Ji, the part time worker Ah Xiang and the security officer Ah Le. Can Zoe readjust to life back in this small town? “The Neighborhood” is a 2014 Hong Kong series.

Original Network: RTHK;

Director: Tony Yu [余世民]

Country: Hong Kong

Status: Completed

Released: 2014

Genre: life;

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