The Murder of Snow White (2014)

The Murder of Snow White (2014)

Other name: 白ゆき姫殺人事件 白雪公主殺人事件 しらゆきひめさつじんじけん 백설공주 살인사건 Shiro Yuki Hime Satsujin Jiken Snow White Murder Case The Snow White Murder Case


Beautiful Noriko Miki works at a cosmetic company. One day, Noriko is murdered. People begin to suspect that her co-worker Miki Jono might have killed her. Television begins to cover this story. A TV reporter interviews Miki Shirono's colleagues, family, and people from her hometown. Rumors turn into fear. Is she really a wicked woman? ~~ Based on the novel "Shiro Yuki Hime Satsujin Jiken" by Kanae Minato.

Director: Nakamura Yoshihiro [中村義洋]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2014

Genre: Drama; Investigation; life; Murder; Mystery; Novel; Psychological; Revenge;

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