The Lost Tomb Pilot (2015)

The Lost Tomb Pilot (2015)

Other name: 盗墓笔记先导集 盗墓铁三角 小分队集结 Dao Mu Bi Ji Xian Dao Ji


The pilot to the web series, The Lost Tomb. Wu Xie and High Shao have just come back from Germany, but were being chased by a secret group for the artifact they had brought back with them. In the process, Wu Xie and High Shao run into Wang Pang Zi and Zhang Qi Ling who save the two in the process.

Back at home, Wu Xie returns the artifact back to the country, but discovers a secret script hidden within the blanket used to wrap the artifact in. Wu Xie is contacted by a mysterious girl, Chen Cheng Cheng, who has the other half of the script. When Wu Xie gives both to his uncle, Wu San Xing discovers that the text can be uncoded to reveal a map. Intrigued, Wu San Xing agrees to bring Wu Xie and High Shao along on the adventure with his team of tomb raiding experts. Just when they are about to leave, Cheng Cheng Cheng gets kidnapped...

Director: Cheang Pou Soi [鄭保瑞]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2015

Genre: Action; Adventure; Mystery; Supernatural;

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