The Lines that Define Me (2022)

The Lines that Define Me (2022)

Other name: 線は、僕を描く Sen wa, Boku wo Egaku Sen wa, Boku o Egaku The Lines that Draw Me


Sousuke Aoyama is a college student who suffers painfully from the loss of his parents in a traffic accident. He meets Kozan Shinoda, a suibokuga (India-ink painting) artist, at an exhibition. Kozan becomes interested in Sousuke and surprisingly accepts him as his disciple. However, Kozan's niece is dismissive of Sousuke and declares to compete with Sousuke for the "Kozan Award." Although Sousuke seemed uninterested in painting at first, he gradually becomes drawn to it by each stroke he draws...

Adapted from the novel "Sen wa, Boku wo Egaku" (線は、僕を描く) by Togami Hiromasa (砥上裕將).

Director: Koizumi Norihiro [小泉徳宏]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2022

Genre: Childhood; Drama; life; Novel; School; Trauma;

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