The Legend of 7 Cutter (2006)

The Legend of 7 Cutter (2006)

Other name: 카리스마 탈출기 校園女王妃 校园女王妃 Kariseuma Talchulgi Escaping From Charisma The Legend of Seven Cutter


Jung Han-su! Because of his name, he falls under unfavorable circumstances. His motto is 'Every day, be well.' But a band of people challenge him. They are: Baek Sung-gi who overwhelms all of the students, Han Min-ju who surpasses the male sex in every aspect, and the teacher in charge, Go Min-sik who is simple and ignorant. Just as his thought, can he overcome this difficult situation and live a harmonious life?

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2006

Genre: Action; Comedy; School;

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