The Legacy of the Sun (2011)

The Legacy of the Sun (2011)

Other name: 日輪の遺産 にちりんのいさん Nichirin no Isan


Based on a 1993 novel by Naoki Award-winner Sato Jiro, the film revolves around a top secret mission to hide Japanese treasures near the conclusion of World War II which would currently be valued at around 200 trillion yen.

Sakai Masato stars as Major Mashiba, an intelligence officer with Japan's Imperial Guard. Together with First Lieutenant Koizumi (Fukushi Seiji) and Master Sergeant Mochizuki (Nakamura Shido), Mashiba attempts to execute secret orders to hide the treasures from the occupying forces of Douglas MacArthur in the hopes of funding the nation's reconstruction at some point in the future.

Out of necessity, 20 young schoolgirls are enlisted to help with the mission without being informed of the details. Santamaria Yusuke plays the girls' teacher and Yachigusa Kaoru plays one of the girls in the present day.

Director: Sasabe Kiyoshi [佐々部清]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2011

Genre: Drama;

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