The King of Shanghai (2008)

The King of Shanghai (2008)

Other name: 上海王 Shang Hai Wang Lord of Shanghai Повелитель Шанхая


In early 20th-century China, country girl Xiao Yuegui comes to Shanghai to escape famine. She saves the life of Yu Qiyang (A-Qi), a minion in the Pujiang Association, the top gang in Shanghai. Consequently, she meets the people who run Pujiang Association and decides to work in the brothel it owns, changing her life forever. Xiao Yuegui is on a path to stand beside three generations of "King of Shanghai," and she will be the fourth.

~~ Based on the novel by Hong Ying.

Director: Poon Man Kit [潘文杰] and Lan Shao Yin [兰少寅]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2008

Genre: Drama;

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