The Intimate Gamer (2021)

The Intimate Gamer (2021)

Other name: 亲密玩家 親密玩家 Qin Mi Wan Jia Chan Mat Waan Ga Intimate Player Close Player Intimate


Story of an avid gamer Ji Xiao Fei, who managed to enter her favorite gaming company and got a job as a programming cheerleader. Despite being tricked by her male colleagues, Ji Xiao Fei remains cheerful and optimistic, and finally wins over them.

Adapted from the manhua "Don't Underestimate the Otome's soul" (不要小瞧乙女之魂啊) by Lao Chan Mao (老馋猫).

Original Network: Sohu TV;

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2021

Genre: Business; Comedy; Friendship; Manhua; Romance; Web Series;

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