The Hunk Is the Color Orange (2022)

The Hunk Is the Color Orange (2022)

Other name: モエカレはオレンジ色 萌男友是柑橘色 モエカレはオレンジいろ Moekare wa Orange-iro Moekare wa Orenji-iro My Boyfriend in Orange


High school student Moe has moved to a new town after the death of her father. Moe’s already having enough trouble fitting into her new class as it is, so she’s totally mortified when she ends up being “rescued” by local firefighter Kyosuke during a fire drill ... in front of all the kids at school. But the embarrassing incident might be a blessing in disguise, because gruff-but-kind Kyosuke gives Moe the courage she needs to leap out of her comfort zone as she aims to leave her loner days behind. Not to mention she’s soon falling head over heels for him … !

Adapted from the manga "Moekare wa Orange-iro" (モエカレはオレンジ色) by Tamashima Non (玉島ノン).

Director: Murakami Shosuke [村上正典]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2022

Genre: Drama; Romance;

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