The Greatest Expectation (2003)

The Greatest Expectation (2003)

Other name: 위대한 유산 Widaehan Yusan Greatest Expectations


Chang Shik is a lazy freeloader who frequently visits nearby grocery stores for free food samples and leeches off of his older brother. Mi Young lives in the same neighbourhood and dreams of becoming an actress. She has failed all of her auditions and she supports herself by working at her mother's video rental store.

One day, Chang Shik and Mi Young literally bump into each other. Chang Shik drops his coins and, after picking them up, notices that he is 10 cents short. Chang Shik demands ten cents from Mi Young, but she refuses. The two become enemies. They then witness a hit and run incident involving an elderly man named Hwang. The next day, Chang Shik and Mi Young both notice a sign offering a 5-million-won award for an eyewitness to the hit and run incident! They get a lot more than they bargained for.

Director: Oh Sang Hoon [오상훈]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2003

Genre: Comedy;

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