The Fiery Years of Gao Dai Xia (2021)

The Fiery Years of Gao Dai Xia (2021)

Other name: 碧海丹心 高大霞的火红年代


The War of Liberation begins in 1945. Dalian is maintaining an apparent peace after receiving assistance from the Soviet Union. However, under this veneer of peace, the undercurrents of war are surging. The Kuomintang reactionaries are ready to move and are looking to disrupt the peace. Guo Dai Xia, being hunted for her part in the Anti-Japanese arson group is appointed by an organization to return to Dalian. There she meets fellow Community party activist Jiazhuang. Despite their different temperaments, the two become reliable comrades and develop feelings for each other. However, the fight against the Kuomintang will not easily end.

Director: Mao Wei Ning [毛卫宁]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2021

Genre: Historical;

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