The Eve (2021)

The Eve (2021)

Other name: 전야 Jeonya Eve


No one involved in this matter is forgiven!

Jeong Woo, who grew up with Han Na under their adoptive mother, goes abroad to contribute to a difficult family environment.

However, after hearing the news of the death of his adoptive mother in a hit-and-run traffic accident, he returns to Korea, and found out that Cheol Jin, a member of the local organization Taechangpa, and former classmate of Han Na was involved.

Meanwhile, Taechangpa joined hands with the Japanese yakuza organization to expand its power. They kidnapped Han Na to catch Jeong Woo, who was tightening them up. This makes Jeong Woo even angrier.

The anger of a man who lost everything explodes!

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2021

Genre: Action; Crime; Drama; Gangster; Kidnapping; Revenge;

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