The Cradle (2021)

The Cradle (2021)

Other name: 啊摇篮 A Yao Lan Yao Lan


In 1940, Chou Zi Gang, a progressive youth from the Yan’an Anti-Virus University, is suddenly appointed by the central government to establish the Yan’an Nursery. Chou Zi Gang refuses, saying, “I didn’t come to Yan’an to be the king of children. I didn’t expect Mao Ze Dong to be the first to send his daughter Mao Jiao Jiao to the nursery.”

Since then, the orphans of the martyrs, the descendants of the soldiers of the War of Resistance, and the children of revolutionary leaders such as Mao Ze Dong and Liu Bo Cheng are given to the rural women and aunts who are not well-educated or even illiterate. The nursery experiences many historical events such as the “battle against whooping cough”, “Liu Hua Bei’s death”, “renaming to Los Angeles Nursery”, “enemy plane bombing”, “secret counterattack”, “struggling to cross the Yellow River”, “Chinese and foreign journalists visiting group ” and much more.

In 1947, when the Kuomintang bomb Yan’an, Mao Ze Dong and Zhou En Lai instruct that the nursery retreat with the first batch of Zhongzhi agencies. During the retreat, the team of more than 300 people and more than 100 carriages become violently attacked by the enemy.

Adapted from a real story and tells the story of the revolutionary experience of many revolutionary workers fighting to protect the red descendants during the Anti-Japanese War in the 1940s when the Party Central Committee established a nursery school in Yan’an.

Director: Lin Ke [林柯]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2021

Genre: Drama; Family; Historical; War;

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