The Closet (2007)

The Closet (2007)

Other name: 异冢 Yi Chung


There is a private room within everyone's heart. When intruders barge in, strange events follow.

Due to his rebellious nature, LUOFEI suffered a traumatic childhood with abuse and maltreatment from his bad-tempered but famous sculptor father LUOCHEN. Apart from receiving corporal punishment and verbal abuses, he was often locked up inside the wardrobe. The dark childhood turned LUOFEI into a weirdo frequently tormented by the pain of childhood memories as well as hallucination of his dead father.

LUOFEI betrayed his father's artistic career and chose to become a magician and performer of extremities instead to prove his own capabilities. During one of his death-defying show, LUOFEI was seriously wounded by shocks of his childhood nightmares. Not knowing the truth behind it, his girlfriend LI thought he was stretching his physical strength too far. She therefore took him to a quiet retreat in the suburb to recuperate.

In order to deter LUOFEI from taking up his death-defying performance again, LI secretly arranged with the museum curator to commission LUOFEI for the work of sculpting his father¡¦s statue to commemorate the coming 20th anniversary of his death. Unable to turn away such good intention, LUOFEI accepted the work unwillingly.However, the good intention only brought on catastrophic consequences.

During the rehabilitation, with repeated interference from the phantom girl and crazy woman, LUOFEI and LI'S normal life was greatly upset. Driven by curiosity, they dug into the mystery and finally discovered their true identity. Meanwhile, in the course of working on his father¡¦s statue, LUOFEI was once again haunted by nightmares of his childhood causing him to plunge into a state of mental instability. On a windy moonless night, they went through a terrifying catastrophe...

Wish everyone a healthy and happy childhood!

Country: Hong Kong

Status: Completed

Released: 2007

Genre: Horror; Suspense;

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