The Bounty Hunter (2012)

The Bounty Hunter (2012)

Other name: 赏金猎人, Shang Jin Li Ren


Late Qing Dynasty, a wealthy merchant, Mr. Bai, in a small town of Jiangnan region is murdered and his death becomes the region's most publicized crime. An Pinyuan, a bounty hunter, is assigned to Baisha (White Sand) Town to solve the murder case. Slowly, he discovers that Mr. Bai died because of a secret. The four wives of the Bai family, the Japanese, and bandits all seem to play a part in the case and exhaust much of death is also closely linked to his own father's death. They both lost their lives because of a gold mine map....

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2012

Genre: Crime; Mystery; Romance;

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