The Book of Fish (2021)

The Book of Fish (2021)

Other name: 자산어보 Jasaneobo A Fish Map Fisherman


Jung Yak Jeon is a scholar and bureaucrat. He is exiled to the remote island Heuksando. There, he becomes fascinated with fish and decides to write about them. Jung Yak Jeon asks young fisherman Chang Dae for help, but Chang Dae turns him down. He states that he does not want to help a criminal. Jung Yak Jeon is aware that Chang Dae studies by himself and has a hard time studying. Jung Yak Jeon then offers to exchange knowledge, with Jung Yak Jeon offering his expertise in studies for Chang Dae's expertise about the sea. Chang Dae accepts the offer. Soon, Jung Yak Jeon realizes that Chang Dae studies to become successful and he becomes disappointed in him.

Director: Lee Joon Ik [이준익]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2021

Genre: Historical; Scholar;

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